Can you spare some change?

Over the years I have seen many people at traffic intersections who are asking for money from strangers that stop and wait on the traffic light to change.  I have seen them from all age groups and ethnic backgrounds.  There have been numerous segments on the local news which call into question the legitimacy of the indigent status of some of these people.  And I understand that the potential for pulling at the heart-strings of those passing motorists … and then scamming them out of a couple of bucks is certainly there.

That being said, I give anyway.

I asked the Good Lord for some help on this issue.  I asked that He keep my traffic light green unless the person legitimately needed my money.  So, if the light is red, I give.  (BTW:  I get a lot of green lights 🙂 )

One homeless man that I consistently gave money to was the inspiration for the character of Ray in my book, The Unexpected Tour Guide.  My “Ray” always seemed genuinely appreciative.

Can you spare some change?  Or better yet, can you stand some change?

The economy changes.  The political landscape changes.  Things that affect your customers change.  And sometimes those changes can cause adjustments by you or your company.

As a rule, most of us are okay with change… as long as it doesn’t affect us or our situation.  But when that change revises how our business model works, then we begin to feel anxious and worry too much.


If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”

~Mary Engelbreit

Anxiety and worry are a waste of time.  So, what should you do when faced with changes that want to push you in that direction?

Evaluate The Net Effect:

Do a quick analysis on the effect of the change.  Does it really impact you or your business?  Stop wasting time and mental energy worrying about things where the net effect is minimal.  Most of what we worry about never comes to fruition anyway.

Look For The Opportunity:

Those who are able to find opportunity in change tend to become very successful.  When change occurs in your world – search for how you can provide more value, gain more customers, or become more valuable to your company in light of this change.  Those who “shine” during storms get noticed, promoted and wealthy.

Adjust Your Plans OR Your Thoughts:

If appropriate, make the proper course corrections in your plan based on what you see in your new environment.  If no change is needed – place intense focus on getting better at what you do.  But in all cases – the biggest change that should occur is how you respond.  Most changes bring added benefit.  Embrace it… especially when the change is beyond your control.

QUESTION:  What type of change causes you the most excitement?

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