One of the many rewards of a sales career that rises through the leadership ranks is that you have the wonderful opportunity to watch and equip other people to do the same thing.

Nothing gives me more job satisfaction that starting a brand new sales person – and them watching them become successful.  I love seeing what it does for their self-image.  I love seeing the positive impact it can have on their families.

It is truly one of my favorite experiences.

Many times, as I made promotions from salesperson to sales leader – I got it exactly right.  The person continued to achieve and succeed.

However, I have to tell you there were times when I made decisions that did not turn out all that well.

Boy, can I pick ’em!

I recently read a post from Susan Solovic that would have been extremely helpful to me in making those decisions.

If you are in sales leadership or business ownership already – this is a must read before you make your next promotion decision.


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Photo by John LeMasney

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