Bob Burg

Bob Burg,

Hall of Fame Speaker

Coauthor (with John David Mann) of The Go-Giver Series

Coauthor (with Jeff C. West) of Streetwise to Saleswise

Three or four years into my career as a professional speaker I was advised by a more experienced and more successful speaker that I should “Write a book.”

“But I really don’t want to” I replied.

“Well, if you do, he countered, there’s a good chance that you’ll become better positioned as an authority in your field, find it much easier to book speaking engagements, and receive a higher fee for doing so.”

What do you know? He was right about all three.

But here’s the best part: While for years, after my first book, a “how-to” titled Endless Referrals was published I had a successful speaking career, it was my “business parable”, The Go-Giver (coauthored with John David Mann) that came out in early 2008 that turbocharged my career and accelerated it to an entirely new level.

And now, having had the pleasure of coauthoring my current business parable with Jeff I can tell you from personal experience that the man is not only a joy to partner with; he is truly a master at his craft.

How he went from top-producing sales professional turned sales manager … and then to amazing writer is difficult to imagine.

Or, is it? Actually, I can probably boil it down to three things:

1. Talent to begin with. Jeff West is simply a natural-born storyteller able to easily and seamlessly connect with others, both through the spoken word (which made him a sales standout) to the written word (which has made him a multi-award winning author and coauthor).

2. Work. Hard work. Just as he made a study of sales, he went right to work learning how to write. And he studied under a fantastic mentor in John David Mann, author of 50 books with millions sold including numerous NY times bestsellers. And as fantastic as his Jeff’s first book was, each ensuing one gets even better. That’s the sign of a pro!

3. Applying FusionPoints™. Jeff is able to connect the emotions and logic that cause people to take action. He writes in a way that makes the reader feeeeel goooood while they learn immediately-applicable, take-to-the-bank information. And that’s what helps a book sell the big number of copies you want.

Jeff is also a wonderful coach and mentor, meaning that you’ll feel comfortable, encouraged, and equipped as you go through the process with him of writing your future bestselling parable.

I can’t say enough good things about working with Jeff. I’ve been spreading the word about him to all of my speaker/author friends who want their most important and well-read book to be a business parable!

Wishing you Stratospheric Success,

~ Bob Burg,

Coauthor (with John David Mann) of The Go-Giver Series

Coauthor (with Jeff C. West) of Streetwise to Saleswise

New Business/Sales Parable by Jeff C. West and Bob Burg…

Streetwise to Saleswise

Become ObjectionProof™ and Beat the Sales Blues

(A Business Parable)

Set in modern-day New Orleans, the book features an immature young man from the streets of New Orleans who wisecracks his way out of a job and into sales—a career for which he is completely unprepared.

Filled with music, entertainment, lessons on leadership, and sales skills, it’s a short, fun read, which will equip those in the sales profession both new and veteran.

Whether it’s the generic “Your price is too high,” or “I need to think it over,” or concerns with a specific issue that seems to come up time-after-time-after time, for far too long objections have been the bane of the sales professional’s existence.

And it simply need not be that way–ever again!

Jeff C. West and Bob Burg, longtime sales professionals and sales leaders, and now coauthors of the new book, Streetwise to Saleswise: Become ObjectionProof™ and Beat the Sales Blues, want to walk you right through the process of turning doubting prospects into ecstatically happy new customers/clients…all while enjoying a story that will stay in your heart for a very, very long time.

Streetwise to Saleswise

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How to Master the Art of Becoming ObjectionProof™

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    Praise for “Streetwise to Saleswise”

    (After you’ve read the book we’d love YOURS, as well!)

    Buy and read this wonderful book. It’s storyline captures you immediately and the message is priceless. Chapters like – You Believed in Me, Changing Frames and Priming the Pump will move you and take you and your career to the next level! Bob Burg and Jeff West have given us a must read classic. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    — Richard Weylman, CSP, CPAE

    Author of "100 Proven Ways to Acquire and Keep Clients for Life"

    “Streetwise to Saleswise: Become Objection Proof ® and Beat the Sales Blues is the affirmation that we all encounter similar experiences in sales and service-related roles. Perceived objections and potential rejections are not exclusive, and should not be internalized, but leverage as learning moments or greater understanding. West and Burg encourage us to listen, learn, and push forward to take the high road. Success will result! And as someone with deep ties to New Orleans, this is truly the lagniappe bonus gift of all sales books that will resonate!”

    — DeAnn B. Golden

    President and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties

    “I echo the sentiments of Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones, who wisely said, ‘You’ll be the same person five years from now that you are today, with the exception of the books you read, the recordings you hear, and the people with whom you associate.’ And if that holds true––buy and read Streetwise to Saleswise immediately and apply the lessons in your career. With its engaging storyline, lovable characters, and timeless message, Jeff West and Bob Burg have crafted a sales parable poised to become a classic.”

    — Andy Glaub

    Senior Vice-President & Director of Sales, Aflac U.S.

    “I love this book! Congratulations to Jeff West and Bob Burg for writing one the most creative and innovative sales books on the market today. Streetwise to Saleswise captures your attention from the very first chapter, and immediately pulls you in with engaging characters and a beautifully written story, packed full of original and powerful ideas designed to increase your sales performance. It is rare that in today’s marketplace you find a book that is both so incredibly useful and so fun to read!”

    — Meridith Elliott Powell

    Business growth strategist and Hall of Fame speaker, award-winning author of "THRIVE: Turn Uncertainty To Competitive Advantage"

    “I’ve read hundreds of sales books, and Streetwise to Saleswise is the first one to cause me to be transported into a mind-movie where I was LIVING the experiences along with Thaddeus, Andre, and Livia, while also seeing and hearing sales lessons being taught and practiced. Jeff West and Bob Burg have combined their captivating storytelling and expert sales training skills to create a highly entertaining and educational book that will benefit not only those with ‘sales’ in their title, but anyone who wants to be better at communicating with others.”

    — Art Sobczak

    Author of “Smart Calling: Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling"

    “A delightfully entertaining story that will touch your heart while also helping you to navigate the trails and tribulations of life in sales. I love that the authors combined music, entertainment, leadership and sales, it makes for a short fun read that leaves you smarter and more inspired.“

    — Lisa Earle McLeod

    Bestselling author of "Selling with Noble Purpose"

    “It’s rare that a parable successfully integrates the business principles the book is intended to deliver with a genuinely entertaining story. What’s more rare, is for the story itself to carry as many life lessons as business concepts. But that’s exactly what happens in Streetwise to Saleswise authored by Jeff West and Bob Burg. These two sales authorities, who are also award-winning authors, combine their experience and wisdom in a manner that is easy to understand. What’s more important, is that the sales concepts the book delivers have been proven successful over decades.”

    — Bill Ellis

    Brand Architect and author of "Women Who Won"

    “Jeff West and Bob Burg have written the next sales classic! Their parable pulled me in from the first page and was so engaging, I didn’t want it to end. They masterfully weaved their sales lessons into the story in a way that made them forever fused into my heart and mind. It felt effortless to read and learn.”

    — Kathy Tagenel

    President, Go-Givers International

    “I emerged from the pages armed with a fresh perspective to integrate into my sales approach and a renewed vision for forging meaningful connections with potential clients. The delightful storytelling, coupled with the immersive journey of our main character, had me hooked from the very beginning, experiencing every high and low alongside him.”

    — Grant Muller

    Speaker, coach, and author of "Top of Heart"

    “For our personal health and well being, prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. The same is true for the obstacles that appear in the sales process, and this beautifully crafted story in Streetwise to Saleswise shares the meal plan and habits required to keep you out of sales surgery, and instead achieving positive outcomes for everyone involved.”

    — Phil M. Jones

    Creator of "Exactly What to Say"

    “Massive shoutout to Jeff West and Bob Burg for their game-changing new book, Streetwise to Saleswise. This isn’t just a book, it’s the ultimate sales playbook that’s about to light a fire under your career. Their wisdom could be the secret sauce to your next big sale. Dive in, soak up their expertise, and watch as your sales strategy transforms!“

    — Gabrielle Witkin

    Vice President | TTR Sotheby’s International Realty

    “Few books carry the equal attributes of ‘fun’ and ‘instructive’ but Streetwise to Saleswise checks both of those boxes. Read this book with a pen in your hand and jot down all the nuggets along the way. We all have some Thaddeus in us, and we all need an Andre in our lives. Read for the entertainment, but apply for the surge in sales!”

    — Jeff Shore

    Author of "Follow-Up and Close the Sale"

    “Being compelled to finish a non-fiction book in one sitting is rare; doing so while learning new sales lessons after 30-plus years of selling is priceless. Streetwise to Saleswise gets a special place on my shelf as one of my new go-to recommendations and favorites for those new to selling and those who want to be the best in the world at helping their clients.”

    — April Shprintz

    Leading sales expert and award-winning author of "Magic Blue Rocks: The Secret to Doing Anything"

    Streetwise to Saleswise is an exceptional sales book that takes you through the sales process in a very enjoyable story. That isn’t easy to find! On top of that, it gives usable nuggets to implement in sales strategies. It may even challenge some beliefs you had about sales in a very positive way. I will be purchasing this book for my sales team.”

    — Heath Oakes

    CEO National Family Care Life Insurance Company

    “The authors of Streetwise to Saleswise have crafted a charming story in which you’ll be instantly transported to New Orleans and into the lives of Thaddeus, a new but open-minded salesperson, and his manager, Andre. Lessons are woven into each scene and you’ll find gems on sales (including step by step tactics), leadership, and serving others. By the end you’ll be more effective and probably be ready for a trip to ‘The Big Easy.’”

    — Andrea Waltz

    Co-author, "Go for No!"

    “When was the last time you read a book about sales that had drama, likable characters, lessons in success, and even a little romance? How about never! Streetwise to Saleswise is a great blend of story and lessons in sales and in life. And the concept of becoming ObjectionProof is brilliant! I won’t tell you if the guy gets the girl. You’ll have to read the book yourself, all the way to the end.” 

    — Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE

    Author of "Beyond Referrals" and "Radical Relevance"

    “Thaddeus Tucker’s journey from losing his job to conquering sales is heartwarming and relatable. The authors have expertly weaved a story that could easily stand by itself, even if we weren’t being taught the lessons he learned. But we were! You get pulled into the story and root for Thaddeus. You don’t even realize until the end that you have learned things that will help you with your life and career. As a top direct sales leader, I believe everyone would benefit from Streetwise to Saleswise!”

    — Lisa M. Wilber

    Coauthor of the award-winning book, "Said the Lady with the Blue Hair"

    Streetwise to Saleswise is a goldmine of practical tips, deep insights, and effective tools to elevate your sales skills and success. If you’re ALL IN, when it comes to succeeding in your sales career, read this book! Written as a parable in the style of The Go-Giver, you’ll find this book transformative and powerful-filled with simple yet profound strategies to strip away the unnecessary stress and suffering sometimes associated with selling, and replacing it with a true sense of service, satisfaction, and achievement. The strategies in this book have brought about remarkable changes for Jeff’s and Bob’s clients in the corporate world, enhancing the performance of sales and leadership teams, executives, and entrepreneurs.”

    — Chris Dorris

    The Mental Toughness Coach

    “This delightful story engaged me from start to finish. I was immediately taken by Thad’s story and the kaleidoscope of characters he encounters on his journey. The vibrant sights and sounds of New Orleans painted a colorful picture, making the sales lessons infinitely indelible. Jeff West and Bob Burg are the maestros of storytelling who manage to weave educational content into the narrative so seamlessly that learning feels like an adventure. Prepare to be inspired, entertained, and educated all at once. You will never approach sales the same way again once you learn the magic of Fusion Points® and how to effectively build to a close and clinch it with creativity and confidence.”

    — Alexandra Watkins

    Founder, Eat My Words, author, "Hello, My Name Is Awesome"

    Streetwise to Saleswise is a gem of a book, a beautiful story that will warm your heart while teaching you timeless principles of authentically human salesmanship. Essential reading for everyone on your team!”

    — John David Mann

    Coauthor of "The Go-Giver", "The Latte Factor", and "The Slight Edge"