Being Raised “Right”


As a kid, one of the phrases that I never wanted to hear was, “Boy, didn’t your momma raise you right?”


The reason for that was quite simple.  Hearing that phrase normally meant two things in my world.  First, I had committed some form of an etiquette breach for which I needed to offer a humble and sincere apology.  And second, my mother would be giving me a lecture (or a swat) when I got home.  Living in a small town, news travels fast, and my mother was sure to know the details soon.


Sure enough, when I returned home she would be waiting in the door with her hands firmly planted on her hips, ready for the discussion.  She was intent on correcting my inappropriate behavior.


I am glad she did.  🙂


In your sales process, never underestimate the value of displaying “good manners”.


Here are a few of my favorite “manners” that should be displayed in almost all situations; especially your sales process:


  1. Say “Please“, and “Thank you” – your prospects and customers should think you one of the nicest people they know.  “Please” and “Thank you” go a long way in making that happen.
  2. Listen more and “tell” less – very few people like being told what to do.  Listen carefully and take good notes.  Until you are making your recommendations, the majority of your speaking should be in the form of questions to find out which products or services you offer would provide the most value to your client.
  3. Never, never, never interrupt – finishing your client’s sentences does not show that you are “on the same page”.  Instead, it shows that you think you already know all of the answers.


One of my good friends, Bob Burg, taught me years ago about another great way to make yourself stand out in a crowded field.  Rather than tell you about it myself, as your Sales Tour Guide, I will send you to Bob instead.




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