Have you ever watched people argue?

I know that I shouldn’t… but I do.

I really don’t mean to eavesdrop… but I do.

One the funniest things about watching people argue is when you think the disagreement is over – and then one of the engaging parties says, “And another thing!”  They follow that with one more example of the sheer idiotic, mean spirited and totally incorrect action they believe was taken by their opponent.

“And another thing!” may be a really bad statement to throw into an argument with someone whom you intend to maintain a relationship.  But it may be a fantastic way to approach attracting and retaining great customers.  Although you may want to drop the exclamation point 🙂

The more value we add to the customer’s benefit of the sales equation – the less transactional we become.  Every time we add “another thing” we elevate our status from that of vendor to trusted partner.

I recently heard Susan Solovic, THE Small Business Expert as she spoke to a group in Houston.  She used a term that I have loved and used many times – lagniappe. 

Lagniappe is a Cajun term that would be best defined as giving or paying a little more than is expected or required.  I have my own definition:

“Lagniappe is giving that little extra that makes everything mo-better.”

– Jeff C. West

Five ways you can give your customers “another thing” to gain and keep them for life:

Tools That Grow Their Business:

Give away articles, publications or free sales tools that directly pertain to their business.

Expertise That Solves Their Issues:

Be excellent at advising your customers about the additional ways you and your company bring value to their business.

Relationships That Help:

Connect your customers to other people who can solve issues you cannot.

Tangible Income To Their Business:

Refer your customers to each other.  Develop your personal Give and Gain Network that drives sales in your sphere of influence.

A Rewarding Relationship With You:

Build real friendships with your customers.  Get to know them, their families and their dreams.  Help them achieve those dreams.


In short – becoming the person who provides tremendous business and personal value to your customer – is also rewarding in both areas to you.

And another thing!  Work hard!  🙂

QUESTION:  What extra value will you provide to your customers this Christmas season?

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